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Saas Updates

mmm 3 years ago 0

Dear Techfunder,

I know there were a lot of discussions related to the pricing modell and it is reasonable that you want money for an app you work on continuesly.

But for such a high fee I would expect that one month after the latest release from taiga.io the new features are implemented.

And also still after 2 years of subscription the app is still leggy and has no offline mode.

I would like you to ask how many subscribers are left at the moment because if there are too less to develop the app further please make it open source.

Thanks and kind regards


GitHub authentication not working on iOS app v1.3.3

Willem Leuverink 3 years ago updated by taigaapp.com 3 years ago 1

I am aware this issue was filed already some time ago but the issue was closed without being fixed. Are there any plans to address this?

Thanks in advance!

Searching answer

Basic auth support

denis.kabalkin 4 years ago updated by taigaapp.com 3 years ago 5

We use our taiga behind basic auth in browser. Is there way to login in to app?

taigaapp.com 3 years ago

The application should work with any available authorization type. If you have any problems, please contact me, I will help you. My email dd@techfunder.de


It does not work with taiga 3.0 on custom servers. It gives error in sprints and stories

Ham 4 years ago updated by taigaapp.com 4 years ago 4

when trying with custom server option gives error in user stories and sprints

taigaapp.com 4 years ago

For stable operation of the application, you must upgrade your server to the latest version of the taiga.


Does TaigaApp respect our software freedoms? #StallmanWasRight

sda 4 years ago 0

Paid for one month of premium app, and now it crashes upon open

Sacha 1 year ago updated by antoniomarmar 11 months ago 3

I've used the app with no apparent problems on one self-hosted Taiga instance, on one project, for free. As soon as I paid for the premium (one month) after operating briefly, the app never starts; it looks like it's starting, and crashes before displaying any screen.

It is now completely unusable, yet paid for.

I run an iPhone 11, the latest iOS (13.3). I have tried to close the app, starting it again from scratch, with no improvement.

Please tell me what else I can do to help debug the issue?


Will this work with native phone notifications

Jeremy 4 years ago updated by taigaapp.com 4 years ago 1
taigaapp.com 4 years ago

Hi. We are working on it. I think in the near future this is real :)

Under review

Projects list looks limited to 25 projects

Studio Fonkel 4 years ago updated by taigaapp.com 4 years ago 1

I do not see the other projects


Projects dashboards

Denis 5 years ago 0

Hello. I would like to see "projects dashboards", at the run off application,like on the site. So I could see all the urgent tasks for all projects


I use taiga.io, how do I connect to the application?

Denis 5 years ago updated by taigaapp.com 5 years ago 5

I'm using a public taiga server(taiga.io) and i dont know server url

taigaapp.com 5 years ago

Just waiting for update ~1h