Paid for one month of premium app, and now it crashes upon open

Sacha 1 year ago updated by antoniomarmar 1 year ago 3

I've used the app with no apparent problems on one self-hosted Taiga instance, on one project, for free. As soon as I paid for the premium (one month) after operating briefly, the app never starts; it looks like it's starting, and crashes before displaying any screen.

It is now completely unusable, yet paid for.

I run an iPhone 11, the latest iOS (13.3). I have tried to close the app, starting it again from scratch, with no improvement.

Please tell me what else I can do to help debug the issue?

It happens to me in a similar way, when I paid the subscription, I could not access the rest of the projects, when I tried to open them I always sent to the subscription, and when I closed the application and reopened it it goes blank and disappears, I could never again see it again, iphone X 13.4.

Could someone please put solutions

Happened to me on IpadOS. After a reinstall it crushed upon launch. After 2 restarts of he Ipad, one of which being a force restart, Taiga started again.

After it does not start on the iphone, I have managed to get it working by starting in airplane mode and after removing airplane mode they load the project data. But then I can not select the projects I can only see one, after three months subscribed I will cancel the subscription, since I do not see it operational and I have not found any type of solution. Thank you all.